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Why Makerereans should vote ideas not Ice cream.

Dorothy Namboozi Mubiru

Dear fellow intellectuals, I greet in the name of almighty God our lord and in the name of the Ivory tower. Since guild elections commenced at our might university makerere( Ivory tower), I have keenly followed the trends and events that unfolded as campaigns gained momentum each day that passes. Right from the first rally at Complex hall, I was present and have been present at all rallies so far.

The levels of intolerance of different camps that support different candidates is inevitable at all rallies that have so far happened. Those that have attended with me can remember what happened at Mary Stuart (Box), Nkrumah , Living stone , Mitchel and Africa halls. You can hardly hear what a candidate has in his or her manifesto or how he or she articulates issues or ideas to those at the rally.

To avoid this I have always been early enough at the rally and book my self a front place to help me listen to the candidates. To my observation , I have realized and noticed that it’s only one candidate a one TALIWAKU ANDREW JULIAN (VUVUZELA) who has moved me to offer him my support and my vote based on how he articulates issues with vigor and explains his manifesto stead fast with thorough. He explains why he has come to race and what he has to offer once voted our guild president .

Apart from TALIWAKU , other candidates have decided to run on intolerance and inciting violence. It’s unfortunate that the last incident was when Lumumba boys who support Bruno met the TALIWAKU convoy and started beating up his supporters . The Kent camp spent the whole of yesterday evening pulling down TALIWAKU posters in Kabanyoro . This is not the intellectualism that we should be priding in at the mighty ivory tower.

It’s is unfortunate that some candidates have resorted to planning of buying students ‘ votes through offering them ice cream at schools . The last event of such a kind happened at the school of Education and I have got information from reliable sources that another scenerio of such is being planned to be put up at the school of statistics tomorrow. How can some one buy a vote of an intellectual with ice cream? Is this the makerere that roars and the whole of Uganda catches fire ? Is this the makerere which is Uganda summarized? Is this the makerere the ivory tower that we feel in our selves? .

Fellow intellectuals, we must desist from this to keep our mighty university on course less of that we will not be different from these other universities that are mushrooming every day. If we are to remain on course or even gain greater heights, we must votes leaders who are cream da cream not ice cream. I have seen and noticed cream da cream in TALIWAKU ANDREW JULIAN (VUVUZELA) not ice cream.

I thank you .

The writer is a student at the College of Engineering (CEDAT),Makerere University

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