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The Young Messiah



By Agatha Muhaise

This movie tells the story of Jesus at the age of seven as his family moves back to Nazareth amidst the chaos of Harold hunting and killing all young male children. It follows the original bible legends, showing the young perspective of the savior’s story still learning about the world, his place in it and how he emerges as a religious identity.

After a series of Jesus stories that have been sprouted out of Hollywood, if you ask me, this one was played safe. Rather than emphasizing the evangelical purpose, it just focuses on telling the usually ignored part of baby Jesus’ life. The principal antagonist of the movie is named Severs, a solider who finds it hard to believe that a young boy could be a son of God and is living among the people. His character tries to incorporate some action but is too short lived to notice.

However after watching the narrative I realized we know so little about the young Jesus that we barely realize the need Christians have to know their savior better. However the strongest achievement of the movie is young Adam Greaves-Neal, who, as the preadolescent Christ, pulls off the tricky balancing act of playing a believable kid who also has a destiny that is mysterious even to him. Every child has questions that parents are reluctant to answer, and one of the better things about The Young Messiah is how it manages to suggest that Jesus was just like the rest of us.

This is a fresh look on the life of Jesus with less violence. It is a great Easter family movie.

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