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5 Reasons Why You Need A Quality Control & Assurance Consultant

5 Reasons Why You Need A Quality Control & Assurance Consultant

By Miracle Johnson Habaasa

1.Avoid un necessary mistakes in the production chain.

Many manufacturers do rarely pay attention to the initial quality aspects rather focus their energies on having products on the market. This is sometimes due to lack of technical people who would otherwise offer quality advice regarding what need to be done to ensure safe and quality products from the start.


Quality consultants guide manufacturers on proper product development, process line design, correct selection of preservatives, packaging materials and appropriate product labelling and branding.

2.Avoid wastage of time.

Potential manufacturers spend a lot of time wondering where to get raw materials, process lines, packaging materials etc. They also spend too much time in attempting to legalize their operations like obtaining operation permits and product certification. Quality consultants offer practical guidance on where and how to go about such tedious processes.

3.Improve efficiency, reduce waste and save money.

A well-run Quality Management System does enable your company to approach perfection. As your processes improve, become more consistent, and you achieve your target objectives with greater regularity. Quality consultants ensure your process wastes decreases. Waste is money lost forever. Waste results from poor quality and inefficiency.

Inefficiency results from variation and inconsistent processes. Reduce variation, improve consistency, and you’ll have less waste…and more money. It’s that simple! At Asante Engineering Limited and Quality control & Assurance Consult U ltd, we conduct cost containment strategies by analyzing your process operation inefficiencies and come up with solutions to all potential money drainers within the system.

4.Improve Company and Product Quality.

A quality management system standard is all about quality, so, of course, one result of adopting a Quality Management System (QMS) should be an improved level of quality for the entire organization i.e. Every process, and every product. There are many definitions of “quality”, but Philip Crosby and Joseph Juran provide two of the best.

Crosby defined it as “conformance to requirements”; Juran called it “fitness for use”.

A well-designed, effectively implemented Quality Management System will put your company on the Road to Quality. Quality consultants carry out audits/ inspection and also provide routine and consistent checks to ensure Data integrity, correctness and completeness.

5.Improve the Consistency of Your Operations.

What is consistency? Well, one way to think of it is “decreased variation”. Reducing the variation in your processes is the definition of consistency. Is your customer better served by you supplying them with a consistent product i.e. same dimensions, same weight, same tolerances, same output every time — or by your products being unpredictable and “all over the place”?

Of course, they won’t accept variation, and neither should you! And how do you decrease variation? Increase control of your processes! Control comes from having a clear target to shoot for (objective), collecting data on the process and understanding how to adjust the process (procedures and work instructions) to maintain the target output.

If say your ISO 9001:2015 QMS is working, you should be increasing operational…and product…consistency. Quality Consultants offer trainings on several QMS, HACCP, Equipment calibration etc. all geared to ensuring safe and high Quality products.

The writer is a Team leader at Quality Control and Assurance Consult U ltd, Najim Mall, Ntinda, Kampala, Uganda.
He is also a student of Masters of Tech. In Petroleum Refining and Petrochemical Engineering, Anna University, India.

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