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An Open Letter from the Stranded Ugandans in Khartoum Uganda To President Museveni Crying For Help,Here is the Full List

By Our Reporter

Here is a full list of Ugandans stranded in Khartoum and have gone on to write to His Excellency seeking for help.

To The Government of Uganda.

President of the Republic of Uganda
C/O Hon Namyalo Hadijah
Senior Presidential Advisor
Office of the NRM National Chairman
Entebbe State House

H.E Jessica Alupo
The Vice President
Republic of Uganda

Rt Hon Anita Annet Among
The Speaker
Parliament of Uganda

Hon Jeje Odongo
The Minister of Foreign Affairs

Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba
Senior Presidential Advisor Special Operations
State House

Buyinza Adam Luzindana
Team Leader
Public Opinions -Strategic Interests

We write to inform you of our plight in sudan..We are over 80 Ugandans stranded here.We have been able to coordinate each other and we are in one place but their are heavy bombardments allover..we write to seek for your help to be evacuated immediately. We have established communication with Public Opinions International office in khartoum and Kampala to deliver our plight to respective offices in uganda Government.

Jajja, we are your Bazzukulu here in khartoum, we seek for your intervention.

*Latest updated list of Ugandans who are still in Khartoum: with at least complete documents*.

1. Okethwengu Alex A00428582. Tel. 0928040181

2. Ngangeyu Quinto A00313412.      Tel 0999807628

3. Wonican Patrick   A00212603.  Tel. 0903266234

4. Opakrwoth Savior* A00483858. Tel.  0992998937 

+256779859027 (The injured) 

5. Masendi Ronald  A00313415. Tel. 0994536623

6. NASSANGO RUTH  A00403578.   Tel. 0927305873.. Medani

7.Ndege Eddy Talemwa A00968857 Tel 0128713006

8. Nabirye Janat     A00591463

9. Kamwada Abubaker  A00384045.

10. Abdul Hamid Musa  Abdallah  B0525909 Tell 0919004702

11. Bakiti Muhammad  A00823397 Tell 0905234600

12. Kassim Ibrahim  B1693338  Tell 0969719894

13. Ali Kassim  Abbas Ramadan  B0632779  Tell 0990396278.

15. Namugerwa Hadijah  A00638368- tel 

16. Ndagire Sylivia B1464368 

17. Nalunga Sharifah A00816719

18. Nampiima Madinah Birungi A009000368

19. Nakazibwe Hatima Amina A00004430

20. Onen Jackie Monica A00453379

21. Pithuwa Nelson A00454703

PASSPORT NO. A00786992
Residential address: Imtidad Nasir 

Tel: 0923504566/0126406609
 Family members:

 23. *Wife* : *Sawsan Ahmed Mohammed Edris* (Sudanese)
Passport no P10147890
Residential address: Imtidad Nasir 

24. Mohymen Omer Abdallah Mukalazi.  Birth certificate. 

25. Momen Omer Abdallah Mukalazi.  Birth certificate 

26. Muntasir Omer Abdallah Mukalazi .  Birth certificate 

27. Muneeb Omer Abdallah Mukalazi.  Birth certificate 

28. Mutaman Omer Abdallah Mukalazi.  Birth certificate

29. Achidri juma Adam Tel. 0960847613 (NIN : CM8100210EHL6F

30. Ochan tonny A005119855 Tel :0963605211

31 .Nakalwooya Aisha Nakamya A01007032.

32. Acidri Rashid.

33. Nyakaisiki Fatnah

34.(Mahdi Amjad Abdu Mubarak her 2 years
Son of South Sudanese Nationality)

35. Kabajunga

36. Batamye. Yusuf. A01010439.

37.Hanna Adam
Born on 24th December 2007 in Uganda to Ugandan mother birth certificate to be submitted)

38. Ruth Nafuna.
092 376 9045

39. Eid Ayoub Dahiya.

40. Hawa Shaban Kerry.

41. Gasmallah Moshuru Ayoub.

42.Eunice Chandiru Daniel
(Ugandan who has only processed National ID but didn’t pick it. He has the Identification Form. Below is him and his kids and Sudanese wife.)

43.Mohammed (Driliga) Noah Alhaji Fadumoula. (Man himself)

44. Omar Mohammed (DRILIGA)Noah Alhaj Fadulmoula(son).

45. Yassir Mohammed (Driliga) Noah Alhaj Fadulmoula(son).

46. Aya Mohammed (Driliga) Noah Alhaj Fadulmoula(Daughter)

47. Hassen (Driliga) Noah Alhaj Fadulmoula(son).

48. Hessen Mohammed (Driliga) Noah Alhaj Fadulmoula(Son).

49. Hussine Mohammed (Driliga) Noah Alhaj Fadulmoula(Son).

50. Ayiman Mohammed (Driliga) Noah Alhaj Fadulmoula(Son).

51. Aliya Mohammed (Driliga)Noah Alhaj Fadulmoula(Daughter)

52.Allaa Mohammed (Driliga) Noah Alhaj Fadulmoula.(Daughter).

53.Mother is Nahid Hassen Awad Khalil North Sudanese in nationality.
Location Kalakala Khartoum South

54. Hakim Sadiq Rizgalla. (Father)

55.Umema Awad Nasuru Buga. (Wife/mother)

56..Mariam Hakim Sadiq Rizgalla. (Daughter)

57 .Hinda Hakim sadiq Rizgalla

59.Mahran Hakim sadiq Rizgalla. (son)

60.Mohammed Hakim Sadiq. Rizgalla. (son).

51- Mave Amina (Mother)

62- Botul Elmahdi (Daughter)

63- Alsafi Almahdi(son)

64- Taiba Elmahdi(Daughter)
65- Gotuf
Elmahdi. (Daughter)

67- Aziz Abdu(son).
Location- Renk
(Sudanese Married to a Ugandan with kids in Uganda)

68. Zubaida Alrasid Abdallah Musa.
Husband Ugandan
Late Yassin Mohammed Bashir Mukhtari)
Location Salama Khartoum South.

69.Hassan Hussein.
(Ugandan origin in Sudan).
With official recommendations from their LC1 chairman and LC11.

70. Noah, Alhaji Ahmad. Ugandan citizen by origin)
+249911119326 with Official recommendation from the area LC1 chairman and LC11.

71. Kassim Risigala. (Ugandan citizen by origin)
With official recommendation from the area LC1 chairman and LC11.

72. Ali Jurua. (Ugandan citizen by origin)
With official recommendation from the area LC1 chairman and LC11.

73. Aliga Amuran. (Ugandan citizen by origin. With recommendations from their LC1 chairman and LC11.

74.Habibu Juma Khamis.(The man)

75.Christina Daboisa Baria.

76.Yahaya Habibu Juma.

77.Abdulrahuman Habibu Juma. (son) .

78 .Amir Habibu Juma (son).

79.Taha Habibu Juma(son).

80. Alice Mathiew (sister in law).

81. Areej Ahmed Adam(sister inlaw).

Special list of Ugandans in  Sudan Khartoum yet in Heart Hospital without full details submitted..

82.Colline Tugume 

83. Concy Lejela 

84. Hamlet Nannunigi 

85. Nakandi prossy.

86. Abubaker kalungi.

I am in Khartoum and I have recorded voice messages and sent to Public Opinions International Offices. I can be contacted for coordination on whatsapp +256754053332


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