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Bungabet Mourns Its Brand Ambassador,Isma Olaxes Jaja Iculi

By Our Reporter

“I am Jajja Iculi the cash crop, raw material, only shark in the ocean, the elected loud and clear president of Uganda Bloggers Association,” Olaxess often vaunted as he introduced himself through his daily nearly 2-hour-long mega-sensation live vlogs to his over 170, 000 “beloved Facebook followers” starting at 7am.

Its through these videos that Isma Olaxes became a darling of Bungabet company where he promoted the company with his love and passion, telling his online followers to support the local investors.

“The Bungabet family has lost a great friend,a supporter and a promoter of our businesses,we are grateful for his work”. One of the top officials at Bungabet told this website.

Isma talking about BungaBet

In most videos,Isma is seen encouraging his followers to bet with Bungabet since its the most trusted company and the self made marketer was always loyal to the company.

Jaja Iculi succumbed to multiple pistol gunshot injuries to his upper body, with the most lethal ones on the head that were evident through the shattered glasses of his Toyota Drone car windows, following the incident that “raised a lot of security questions regarding criminality in Uganda’s capital Kampala.”

“The Bungabet Family will forever miss Isma Olaxes”one of Bungabet employees was heard saying.

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