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Can Elocof Cure Covid-19,Dr Lutoti Stephen Clarifies On It’s Efficacy And Composition

By Aritha Ariho

Uganda is grappling with the second wave of Covid-19 and that is why the president has announced very strict measures to curb the pandemic,

However,there is another challenge of self medication and sale of substandard drugs due to the panick in the population.

Mbarara News has landed on a conversation of Dr Steven Lutoti,the head of pharmacognosy department at Makerere University with other medical professionals.

In the conversation,Dr Lutoti-the man behind the innovation and manufacturing of Elocof Herbal Cough Mixture explains the relationship between herbal medicine and COVID-19.

Here is the conversation in detail;

Elocof could be a very good cough mixture, some us who went to school expect questions like “what is its mode of action” I am very much interested in the active ingredient against the virus instead of being excited of the cough going because for covid, the cough would still go without in remedy in over 90%.

Dr Lutoti: Elocof contains Type III polyketide synthase compounds biosynthesized via Phenylpropanoid pathway. These exhibit anti-inflammatory properties, Mucolytic properties and broad spectrum of Antimicrobial activities.

I use bioactive extracts of Zingiber officinale and use the Type III polyketide synthase compounds as marker of standardization to 200mg per 5 ml.

I improve the formulation with other natural excipients to provide a soothing effect for those with sore throats and better aesthetic properties of the product.

Qn: Does Elocof Cure Covid-19?

Dr Lutoti : Elocof is a remedy of cough,flue and sore throat.As for the cure of covid, the search is still on,we are carrying out an intensive research to ascertain if there are natural herbs that can eliminate the virus completely.

Meanwhile feel free to recommend Elocof to Covid-19 patients because it’s a natural remedy for many Covid-19 symptoms and it’s approved by National Drug Authority.

“Good explanation, you know better to prescribe something you understand how it works than just recommending based on speculations. Thanks Doctor” one of the medical practioners noted

“Okay, that is exactly what I wanted to see in your communication and marketing messages otherwise some people may perceive it as a miracle cure for covid”. Another member noted.

Qn; can it be taken in combination with covidex or? This would be important to avoid taking overdose.

Dr Lutoti: Elocof can be used alongside Covidex. From the label and presentation shared by the innovator, covidex is said to contain extracts of Zanthoxylum gilletii standardized against Berberine,

which is an isoquinoline alkaloid. Just for caution patients with blood pressure should be monitored as Berberine can cause hypotension.

“Absolutely right, but just as I said earlier, whenever we leave many questions unanswered or and stop those asking those questions, we give room to mistrust and negative energies to prevail.

And the danger with covid is that many of us however technical we are, we can’t answer these many questions, and every time a person fails to get an answer from the technical people, they will go to the herbalist for better answers.

I like the way Dr Steven confidently and authoritatively been able to answer our questions making us all satisfied, he never stopped us from asking questions”. Another member noted

” Steve…(Dr Lutoti) this is great!! Certainly we may never explain the Phenylpropanoid pathway which you have so ably explained to us but at least we will confidently say Elocof was approved by the scientists!! And thanks for clarifying on the pathways of Covidex as well…. at this rate some of us will prescribe but not dare explaining the chemical composition terms!!! Thanks again!” Another member was quoted

Dr Lutoti: Welcome. I sincerely appreciate the support. Blessed day

Qn: Steven which pharmacies have this Elocof syrup a close relative needs it .

Dr Lutoti: Elocof is available in All pharmacies and drug shops country wide.

Qn: How Much is Elocof?

Dr Lutoti: A carton of Elocof which has 100,200ml bottles is sold at 200,000 ugx Factory price,250,000 ugx on wholesale price and one bottle is sold between 3500-5000 on retail.

Qn:What is the dosage for ELOCOF?

Dr Lutoti: Elocof is a specially formulated product for cough, flu and sore throat in children and adults . The dosage is as follows :

Children below 1 year take 2.5ml ( half of bottle cover) twice daily

1-5 years : 2.5ml( half bottle cover) three times daily

Above 5 – 11 years : 5mls (one bottle cover) three times daily

Adults- 12 years and above : 10ml ( two bottle covers) three times daily

For maximum benefit, shake the bottle well for 10 seconds before use.

For further inquiries, call 0758329111
Or Sms/Whatsapp Dr Lutoti on 0782764180.

Elocof is a product of Eloipharm Uganda Ltd and authorized by the National drug Authority in Uganda.

Mbarara News will keep bringing you the expert analysis on this issue of Covid-19, follow all the SOPs, stay home and stay safe.

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