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Elocof Health Tips: What is the procedure for disposal of expired drugs

Expert opinion by Dr Lutoti of ELOCOF.

A drug is considered expired when it is past it’s stated shelf life on the label. The shelf life is assigned after conducting stability studies on the drug in it’s final packaging. Key factors considered during stability studies are temperature, relative humidity and lighting. Consequently, these factors have to be monitored when drug is being stored and transported .
*To effectively destroy expired drugs from a health facility, carry out the following tasks* :
✓Compile a list of expired drugs indicate name and quantity. For your evaluation, add cost of the expired drugs.
✓ weigh the expired drugs
✓ Have a dedicated place / cupboard in your health facility to keep such drugs and label them as Expired/Damaged goods.
✓ Get NEMA certified service provider for destruction of medical wastes if weight is above 100 kg. If less than 100 kg, National Drug Authority (NDA) may help to receive them..
✓Write to NDA : Notify them of intention to destroy expired drugs mentioning the quantity in kgs and attach the list of drugs to be destroyed.
✓ pay supervision fees for destruction assessed by NDA . Amount charged depends on weight of your expired drugs.
✓ pay destruction fees to nema certified service provider . NDA can provide you with the list for you to choose from .
✓ Destruction is done under supervision of NDA inspector
✓ Destruction certificate is provided by NDA .

*To destroy expired and un used drugs kept at home*
✓ Have lockable cupboard/ drawer for keeping all medicine from the health facility
✓ Do not create a Pharmacy at home
✓ Do not pour / throw expired drugs in the toilets/ gardens as this act affects the environment and can also promote Antimicrobial resistance.
✓Collect the expired and unused drugs and return them to the health facility/ Pharmacy where you normally purchase drugs.
✓ Do not re-pack expired drugs . Check expiry date on label and actual container/ strip/ bottle of the medicine.

Feel free to reach out NDA office for further guidance.

For further inquiries, call 0758329111 or watsAPP Lutoti of ELOCOF on 0782764180. ELocof is specially formulated for cough flu and sore throat in Children and adults. Elocof is effective , affordable and available in Pharmacies drug shops and clinics across Uganda.


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