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Elocof Health Tips: What You Need To Know About Dispensing and Administering Medicines

By Dr Lutoti Stephen

In this text,you will find what is that you need to know when dispensing and administering medicines, whether the dose is appropriate or if the medicine is effective.

What is an appropriate dose?

An appropriate dose has to meet three requirements;

✓ it should be necessary : here we consider the type of condition being treated and the severity of such a condition at that moment + how long has been the condition.

In severe states, a slightly higher dose than usual may be administered.

✓ it should be individualized : whereas studies are done on drugs to determine the mean dose that works for the population, efforts have to be made to individualize the dose.

We individualize doses by looking at the age, weight, body surface area. This explains why the doses can be stated in say mls or mg per kg of body weight, despite this there is maximum dose.

✓ it should be tolerable : not every one can tolerate a dose of a medicine. In some states, doses may be reduced or increased.

Consideration made for functioning of the liver ( since liver is main organ for metabolizing drugs), the kidney function ( since kidneys are excretory organs for drugs).

Many drugs are eliminated through urine. Patients with compromised kidney function may require lower dose than those with normal kidney function.

The labs give reports on Glomerular filtration rates, clearance rates and these are helpful in adjusting the dose or dosage.

Now what is dosage?

Dosage : We combine dose and frequency of administration

Dose duration : how long is patient required to be on treatment

Course of treatment : combines dosage and duration of treatment.

Also find the tips on prevention of Covid-19 in pharmacies, clinics and drug shops

✓Put on your mask while serving patients at our outlets.

✓Sanitize dispensing area frequently

✓Move with pocket size sanitizer

✓Keep a social distance from clients

✓ consider stocking some Elocof if you don’t have it yet.

Stay safe,

The Author is Founder of Eloipharm Ugandan limited;The Manufacturers of Elocof herbal syrup for cough and he is the head of pharmacognosy at Makerere University.

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