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Health Focus: What You Need To Know About Elocof Herbal Cough

By Mercy Ashaba

ELOCOF is an over the counter medicine and can be obtained /sold without need of prescription for symptomatic management of Cough,flu and sore throat.

It is manufactured by Eloipharm and has been approved by National Drug Authority.

Elocof has a pleasant taste and is packed as 100 bottles of 200ml each in carton.

Elocof herbal cough can be purchased from any drug shop or pharmacy in Uganda .

Elocof is the best choice for symptomatic management of Cough, flu and sore throat in both adults and children.

To ensure maximum benefit, shake the bottle of ELOCOF for about 30 seconds before use.

The dosage of ELOCOF for cough, flu and sore throat depends on the age of the user. Product label and positive feedback from users indicate the following as effective doses:

Each bottle cover of ELOCOF is equivalent to 5mls.

Adults Above 12 years: 10 mls ( 2 bottle covers) three times daily

Children: 5-12 years 5mls (1 cover) three times daily

1-5 years: 2.5mls (1/2 cover) three times daily
Below 1 year

2.5mls (1/2 cover) two times daily

If symptoms persist, seek medical advice.

ELOCOF is a preferred choice for cough, flu and sore throat in adults / children,it is manufactured in Uganda by a Makerere University don who teaches in the Makerere University school of health sciences.

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