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Health Tips: What You Need To Know About Eloxide Manufactured By Eloipharm Company

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What is Eloxide?

✓Eloxide is Hydrogen peroxide 6% manufactured by Eloipharm (u) LTD. Eloxide is parked as 100 bottles in a carton . Each bottle is 200ml in volume.

✓ Eloxide is specially formulated based on the British Pharmacopoeial standards.

✓Eloxide is indicated for use as a mouth wash, cleaning wounds, removing wound dressings and arresting bleeding in case of cuts.

How much does it cost?

✓Factory price is 850 UGX per bottle for distributors/wholesalers and Hospitals. Carton is 85,000

✓Factory price 1000 UGX per bottle for Retail pharmacies and those operating saloons. Carton is 100,000.

✓Across Uganda, Wholesalers and retailers sell Eloxide distributed to them at affordable prices.

✓Feel free to place your orders for Eloxide from the factory and different pharmacies, drug shops across Uganda.


Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a weakly acidic, colourless liquid, miscible with water in all

It is the simplest peroxide (molecules containing two oxygen atoms covalently bonded to one another) and is commercially available in aqueous solution over
a wide concentration range.

The main uses of hydrogen peroxide are in the preparation of other peroxides and as an oxidising agent.

The manufacturing process involves the catalysis of the reaction of H2 (obtained from processing Maui Gas) with atmospheric O2 to give H2O2. Anthraquinone (Q) is used as a
H2 carrier.

Step1 – Hydrogenation

Palladium catalyses the reaction between H2 and anthraquinone to create anthrahydroquinone (H2Q):
Q + H2 → H2Q

Step 2 – Filtration

The palladium catalyst is filtered out of the solution.

Step 3 – Oxidation
The solution is oxidised by blowing air through the solution, forming the H2O2:
H2Q + O2 → Q + H2O2

Step 4 – H2O2 Extraction

The hydrogen peroxide is removed in a liquid-liquid extraction column and concentrated by vacuum distillation.

For inquiries, call 0758329111 or watsAPP Dr. Lutoti on 0782764180.

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