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Lyto Brax takes music to the next level in “Aholo” – Music Review

If you still wondering who you will listen to after boycotting the Tubonga nawe fame, Worry no more. Here is Lyto Brax with his “Aholo” fame that is receiving lots of air play on the Radio and TV stations around

In the Aholo track, Brax flows in a fast Afro Zouk beat that is covered in a Nigerian Theme. Aholo is a danceable tune, at least one that keeps you nodding the head, for those of you that don’t break down your bones to the tunes.

Aholo is a shortened term for “Ahoraze” literary meaning “wherever you go” and in the track he properly joins the Runyankole words to fit in the English complementary one “I’ll follow”. That’s why in my view he is a real talent in Uganda and we shall feel his pinch if he keeps the spirit and the creativeness

Aholo Video shot and directed by Kelon FX does it good where he is presented in old school costume meeting the chick at a river, seducing her to accept his concept. This brings out the real nature of how it is. Dressed in African ware, the dancers gave the video a home fill.

Big ups to the cameraman the controlled his lighting and balancing of the video.

Just watch it below to be my witness oh

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