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Mbarara News Lifestyle: Don’t be shy during SEX.

By Hope Kemigisha

If you are to give your man a blow job, then do it skillfully with rhythm . If it’s blowing his mind go ahead and do it after all who are you sparing him for?

Personally I charge for the BJ. I made sure I mastered this one , cause it’s the only time am fully in charge of all his life. So I skillfully give it so he yearns for more then I charge him. Free things are not exciting to men! They get bored and go look for where to spend cause naturally they are hunters. I give moderately, expertly and not cheaply😂😂😂😂. So it’s a fun game and exciting.

Don’t be body shamed, simply cause magazines portray sexy as skinny. That’s a lie, there is a reason why that man chose you. Find the right lingerie that flatters your body, remember confidence is the best garment you can wear.

Capitalize on what you do best, take time to study each other. But above everything surprise him when he least expects it. I told you I conceived my 2nd baby in hubby’s office with the secretary seated outside.

If you have a balcony, just wear a long maxi dress with nothing underneath and walk him to the balcony with a cup of coffee. ( the dress once flipped at the back is acting as a curtain at the front ) Start a pleasant chat with him, topics like when you first met, what your friends thought of him. ( he will want to listen cause men love to make an impression on our friends ) so that’s a captivating topic to start a quickie by the balcony.

And it’s even more exciting if you stay in flats and there is a fear of being seen. ( accelerates orgasm) check your size of bums before trying this out because it’s sexier when tilted a-bit not totally bent over.

Lastly for tonight! Don’t be shy to be vulgar and slutty, this is legit sex and it doesn’t take away the anointing. Your sex tongues are the catalysts for your match. Don’t even dare bring Christianity in this business. Spank him a little if he understands that language, and help your self because he is all yours. Have fun and allow your self to feel every touch. it’s all God given.

The best orgasm is when you ride the shaft. You go at your pace and men! ……………………😂😂😂 kavewano nga kyalina ku mafuta 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Note: the one thing that is failing Presidents, Military Men,Men of God, politicians, Marriages and churches is pussy. Don’t underestimate the power of sex.

Much love.
Hope Kemigisha


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