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Mpaka Rubbishes Social Distancing Breach Allegations

Western Region Youth MP Hon. Mwine Mpaka has rubbished Social Media allegations that he breached social distancing guidelines to meet residents in one of the areas of Mbarara City.

Social Media has been awash with a photo showing Mwine Mpaka in the middle of a crowd – mainly comprising of women in Nyakayojo Division – Mbarara City. The Photo (below) purports to imply that the legislator met the residents at a time when gatherings are banned to promote social distancing as a measure to prevent the spread of covid-19 in Uganda.

Mpaka Responds

Such a serious development would definitely injure the reputation of a leader of Hon. Mpaka’s caliber but also put the security leaders in Mbarara City who are supposed to implement the Presidential directives on spotlight.
In an interview with Mbarara News on Wednesday Morning, Hon. Mpaka rubbished the talk. According to the legislator, “This is an old photo from one of the engagements he had in Nyakayojo before the lockdown.”

Dirty Politics at Play Again

Last Month, Mbarara News published an article on the dangers of old dirty Politics in Mbarara City. This issue is part of the dirty politics that must be shunned if Mbarara City is to have strong, development-minded leaders.

It is not a secret that Hon. Mpaka wants to contest for the Mbarara South MP seat in the coming polls and this has sent panic across the political divide in Mbarara City with potential opponents getting back the drawing table to devise means of stopping him at all costs.
In our view as Mbarara News, competition is good but this must be healthy. Sponsoring people to tarnish the name and reputation of an opponent must be condemned by all right thinking members of the community.

Mbarara News understands that the hate campaign against Hon. Mpaka is sponsored by some of the politicians who are interested in the Mbarara South MP seat. We understand that these shallow-minded politicians are ready to use all dirty tricks – including religion to divide electorates, tarnish the name of Hon. Mpaka-all in the name of attracting support from people.

Given the level of intellect and exposure among Mbarara City residents, such tactics are bound to expose the naivety of the sponsors and the people peddling them.

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