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ONC will give President Museveni a swift win in 2026.

By Rukundo Paul Rwabihurwa

One may wonder why we are already into mobilization for 2026 general elections but in politics, a day or two is a long time that you may not catch up with; and President Museveni has been a master of this.

Political mobilization is a critical aspect of any successful political campaign. For a candidate to mobilize support effectively, a political mobilization strategy must be developed that focuses on maximizing voter support for the candidate or party.

For National Resistance Movement and its Chairman who is the President of this Country, they have been intentional not only in political mobilization but also rallying Ugandans for development. To achieve this; there has been several fronts leading the struggle to uplift the standards of Ugandans and the most vibrant organ has been the Office of National Chairman of the National Resistance Movement coordinated by the “Chief Muzukulu” Hajjat Namalyo.

This Kyambogo based office has been instrumental in the recent months tracking the implementation of several Government programs, reporting corruption, and carrying out surveys on the general concerns of Ugandans in all regions of the country.

The recruitment of Sub regional coordinators for this office and empowering them with tools of authority to aid in the execution of their duties has been pivotal in the both reporting and monitoring of programs like Parish Development Model, Emyooga, Youth Livelihood programme, Women Empowerment Programme complimenting Local Government and Ministries that are in charge of these empowerment initiatives.

Its very important for any political setting to engage and involve citizens in the development programs, provide an ear to their concerns and give solutions, and this is what has been happening at the Office of National Chairman. Citizens want a leadership that responds to their concerns, a leadership that gives alternative at the time of despair.

ONC has created a reporting mechanism to ensure that there is accountability in the implementation of development programs and projects to ensure that resources are not misused, and that the desired outcomes are achieved, this will aid in fighting the entrenched corruption that has eaten our society to the bone marrow.

The fight against corruption in Uganda requires a spirited battle of highly moral Ugandans that are willing to sacrifice a lot for the good of the many Ugandans that do not have access to service as a result of corruption.

In politics, service delivery is key as it instills confidence and trust to the citizens and this has been observed during outreach activities ONC has conducted around areas of Kamokya, Bwaise, Katanga that are known to be strong hold Ghettos of the leading opposition leader Robert Kyagulanyi.

Eating into support of your opponent with tangible projects is one strategy that undermines the rhetoric and blackmail of opposition.
ONC has been informally trusted with reporting on the performance of several Government programs in all the districts and most of all these corruption scandals being reported has been the efforts of coordinators of this office.

If this initiative is supported consistently by 2026 we shall have a great boost in the fight against government officials who steal resources denying many Ugandans services.

Uganda’s questions are well known and whoever has offered to provide answers ti these questions has been welcomed with open hands, just like President Museveni in 1986 offered to address the question of insecurity that was the the biggest concern of all Ugandans regardless of the region, it’s the same way he’s using his office to address the land question in Buganda which is one of the biggest issue in the area.

On job creation, the National Chairman has been actively involved in promoting and attracting investment in the country. We have seen countless Business summits in this term all aimed at bringing investment in the country and also promoting local investment.

Several Funds have been created to support local investors to add value to our locally produced goods as a way of attracting more revenue through exporting a more fine product that raw materials.

Working with Uganda Investment Authority, Office of the National Chairman has supported these initiatives through mobilizing Ugandans to participate and get several business ideas suited for that particular area. Such initiatives will do wonders in the lives of many Ugandans across and this will definitely increase the support of NRM in all parts of the country.

The Author is from Rubabo Constituency, Rukungiri District


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