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Opinion: Mike Mukula Drifts From Politics To Private Sector With An Incredible Contribution

By Our Reporter

The only political office Captain Mike Mukula is holding to date is Vice Chairperson NRM for Eastern region which makes him a proud member of Central Executive Committee of NRM,the top most organ of the ruling party that liberated this country from anarchy.

When we paid him a visit in his swanky pad in Bugolobi yesterday,we found him in a business meeting with his associates who he later tells us that they are planning to invest over $1billion in green carbon neutrality business,one of the biggest in the Sub Saharan Africa.

We later came to learn that Captain Mukula has unique skills of lobbying partners to invest in our country where he has established a motor tank vessel company called Infra-Mahathi for transporting petroleum products from Kisumu to Kampala on lake Victoria.

So far one vessel called MT Kabaka Mutebi 11 with a capacity of 4.5m litres of petroleum is already in operation plying twice a week. Actually the main purpose of the meeting was to thank him for the mega infrastructure which is not only going to increase the life line of our roads but also increase the competitiveness of our business in the region due to low cost of fuel.

Using the lake vessel,it costs only $20 to $25 compared to $40 for road trucks.Also important to note is that one water vessel carries fuel equivalent to 180 trucks on our roads.

Captain Mike Mukula’s innovation, ingenuity and focus is also evidenced in the expansion of his business empire where he owns a security guard company called Arrow company which employs over 15,000 people,he also owns Teso foods which produces juice and water.Viva detergent arm produces Viva jick, Viva liquid soap, Viva Shampoo and sanitizer which our host gave us to clean our hands.

As if that was not enough, Mr Mukula is also in final stages of putting up the factory that produces syringes(injections) used in the medical industry, which he says will be one of the biggest on the continent.

As a guest I can comfortably state that the MBA and PhD pilot with proficiency in aircraft aerobics employs not less than 30,000 Ugandans,which means 100 Mukulas can employ 3million Ugandans.

Not to forget to mention that besides the sumptuous meal Madam Gladys Mukula prepared for us,we also per took on the birthday cake of one his domestic worker known as Big Mike who has been with Mukula family for more than 10 years.

The testimonies from his fellow employees shows how Captain Mike Mukula is also an accomplished statesman and a leader in managing people at business but also at home.

On top of his aforementioned achievements,he has also done the most resounding one which will live for eternity,that is non but other than sharing his vast amount of business experience in his book titled: “Against the odds,”The mindset of extradinary Achievers, which we were lucky to be given autographed copies. All young people who would like to learn how to unlock opportunities should put his book on A list of shopping.

As I conclude,I don’t want to forget that the Captain has an endearing character probably which makes him bond and blend well with his lovely family but also his business partners.

His humility is next to none compared to other tycoons.He almost kneels down when communicating on phone,that is how humble and amiable the former Mp for Soroti municipality he is. As a writer,I must say I’m lucky to be the first to write a detailed private sector life of business colossus clean gentleman.

Ben Ssebuguzi is the Secretary general of Uganda Poor youth movement and public awareness and information dissemination fellow with Public Opinion.


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