The Truth About Truth

By Phillip M Baitwa
Your Hand of Inspiration

A clear conscience is a free conscience and a truthful mind carries no burden of guilt but a happy heart full of freedom.

Speaking the truth is one of the dieing values in the world to an extent that countries have installed truth detecting machines and technology to pay for the price of trust.

If you really want to be referred to as a person who speaks the truth, the first person to tell the truth is YOU.
If you are not true to yourself then it is quiet difficult to be truthful to others .

Truth develops trust and is a sibling to honesty, transparency and integrity.

By not being truthful to yourself and the people around everyday is like locking yourself in chains around you everyday but your mind thinks it is ok.

Failing to speak the truth most times is like hiding your disease from a doctor yet he is the only person to set you free or help you and will probably check you when you are unconscious with the disease.

Every time we dont trust each other we pay a cost and that is why a spouse will pay a telecom company to find out who the partner communicates with, that is why we have to pay for binding contracts because there is no trust, you will lock with many padlocks as an extra cost despite the neighbors you have and ofcourse when you lie about your location, you get faster means to mitigate truth yet at a bigger cost.

Most of us want promotions at work, salary increase and opportunities but the only thing holding us back are the chains of dishonesty and lack of truth because truth can be seen in your eyes and at times spiritually detected. Here are circumstances where some tells you something but however much they seem confident, you feel something is not right.

Yesterday I sat in a taxi at city square and about 4 people received calls but non of them spoke the truth of where they were. The first said he had reached nakawa, the next mentioned internal affairs, lugogo and the last one made it worse that he had just left ntinda. This left me wondering and worked as a litmus paper that the character and value of truth is totally struggling in this country and this too is a sign of why corruption is haunting us deeper.

If there is one of the greatest combinations of values you should ask God to inculcate in you,then they are values of truth, honesty and integrity. You may have as many degrees or Ph.Ds as you can but if you are well known for dishonesty and lack of truth/transparency then all the other qualifications dont mean a lot.

Decide now to to sow a seed of truth in you first and the people around you and the fruits will overwhelm you.


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